The SSM - MBRS Mandate Filing Platform and Validator is Powered by IRIS


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A cloud-based platform that streamlines XBRL/iXBRL compliance reporting to be filed with the SSM

Compliance without Chaos

IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that helps companies incorporated in Malaysia submit their Annual Return and Financial Statements to the SSM. The platform comes with a robust set of features and unlimited support for the preparation, review and filing of AFR and iXBRL documents.



Trusted by the SSM

Our XBRL filing platform and validator is used by the SSM for regulatory filings. With us, you are completely aligned with the SSM Mandate

Top Notch Quality

We have experience of handling thousands of XBRL / iXBRL filings world over. By partnering with us, quality filings is a given.

Platform plus Service

Prepare your XBRL filing in-house, or use our expert team. Either ways, we will equip you.

Advanced AI/ML XBRL Tagging

Our advanced auto-tagging feature helps you tag your documents with ease, without prior knowledge of XBRL.

Multi-Lingual Capability

With multi-lingual capability IRIS CARBON® is the only cloud solution that is sure to make your compliance process easy.

Unlimited Support

We provide 24*7 support to our filers. You get an exceptional offering at a very affordable price

We Provide A Range Of Options To Help You With the SSM Mandate









Be Our Reseller Partner

If you’re a reseller partner (such as an accounting, legal, tax, and secretarial firm), you can get a white-labelled solution to offer IRIS CARBON® to your clients. We customize our cloud-based platform to reflect your corporate branding and work with you to help get your clients on-board.

We’ll fit right in with your current system

Partner with us, help your clients meet the SSM mandate.

When you partner with us, you are ensured of a premium solution that will carry your branding. We provide end-to-end support for you to seamlessly offer XBRL/iXBRL services to your clients.

Partner With Us

We provide a range of options to help you with the SSM mandate

Work with teams on a single source, cloud-based platform without worrying about losing track and accountability. Save time and effort while working on your reports.

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