ESEF Compliance Reporting

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ESEF Compliance Reporting

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ESEF iXBRL Compliance Reporting Requirements

IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that helps issuers prepare Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and also meet the iXBRL reporting requirements as per ESEF iXBRL mandate. The platform comes with a robust set of features and unlimited support for the preparation, review and filing of AFR and iXBRL documents.









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The IRIS CARBON® Advantage

Your one-stop solution for all ESEF iXBRL compliance requirements

Fully ESEF Ready Product

Support for iXBRL, 23 EU language labels ESEF taxonomy, extensions, anchoring and more.

AI/ML Enabled Automated XBRL Tagging

Smart and automated tagging process with 100% accuracy and quality. Deep XBRL expertise not needed.

Multi-lingual Platform Interface

Between English and 23 EU languages, choose your preferred language to use the platform.

Easy Subsequent Filings

Create and manage subsequent period filings with ease

Consulting & Customized Workshops

We assist with free consulting services to help organizations make the right decision to comply with ESEF reporting. Our custom workshop helps clients to understand ESEF reporting and requirements in great detail.

Top Notch Quality

Our world-class solution and expert XBRL teams ensure your documents are dealt with the highest standards of quality.

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IRIS CARBON® Is Unique In What It Offers

Customized Solutions & Services

Choose the solution that best fits your organization's needs. Opt for just our iXBRL module for ESEF compliance, or the whole disclosure management solution to streamline your report preparation as well. Sign up for our expert iXBRL conversion services, or choose to pay per hour as and when you need. Our à la carte offering gives you complete flexibility. That's not all; you can shift between services any time.

Flat Pricing & Unlimited Support

We offer a one flat price with unlimited support on your filings. With us, you get an exceptional offering at a very affordable price.

Words Of Appreciation

ESEF iXBRL Compliance Reporting - Johan SegersWe selected IRIS CARBON® for our ESEF iXBRL conversion, since IRIS is a global firm with deep experience in XBRL/iXBRL, great quality of filings, service delivery and importantly, offers their service and solution at a very attractive price.

We started our iXBRL process in August 2019, and IRIS converted our 2018-19 Annual Financial Report into iXBRL within just 10 working days. A 2-day workshop conducted by them for our team was extremely helpful, and it was very nice to have our own tagged annual report as training material. This exercise also helped us in finalizing the XBRL tags this year and we are fully ready for the upcoming 2020 ESEF mandate.

We are very happy with the turn time and quality of the iXBRL output created by IRIS CARBON®.

Johan Segers
Consolidation Expert

Streamline Your AFR Preparation Process With IRIS CARBON®

A world-class Disclosure Management Solution with in-built iXBRL conversion capability.

Smooth Collaboration

Our platform sets a new standard in collaboration, where your teams work smoothly on one single document with full visibility and control.

Smart Data Linking

Save time in editing/reviewing by linking the spreadsheet you're working on with the XBRL document. That way, any changes you make in the spreadsheet automatically reflect in your document and subsequently, in all your output formats – iXBRL, PDF and Word.

Document Versions

Our single source, cloud based platform ensures all users are always working on the latest version of the document at all times. All previous versions are stored in a central repository, making it easy to view, compare and restore with ease.

Easy Review and Audit

Make your review and audit process a breeze. Effortlessly track, review and approve changes on your document and XBRL using smart filters, progress dashboards and comment threads.

Single Source, Multiple Outputs

Easily create outputs in multiple formats from a single source document.

Free Consulting & Training

We help you decide the best strategy for your organization, based on your unique requirements. Our customized workshops help your teams gear up for the ESEF mandate.

Frequently Asked Questions

All public listed companies who have securities or bonds listed on capital markets and who prepare financials using IFRS have to comply with the ESEF iXBRL tagging requirements.

If you are a public company and publish your standalone results in local GAAP, your Annual Financial Report (AFR) needs to be submitted in xHTML format, but the XBRL tagging requirements do not apply to you.

While iXBRL, Inline XBRL and xHTML are used interchangeably by many people in the context of ESMA ESEF reporting, you need to remember these are not the same. A document in xHTML format is technically an iXBRL or inline XBRL document only if has XBRL tags embedded in the document.

XBRL and iXBRL are two different reporting formats. XBRL is an XML based format, and is only machine readable. iXBRL or inline XBRL, is an xHTML based format, and is both machine and human readable. Read more about the difference between XBRL and iXBRL here.

  • All numbers in the Primary Financial Statements (balance sheet, income statement, stockholder’s equity, cashflow statement, etc.) need to be XBRL tagged in the first Phase (Annual reports with financial years beginning on or after January 1, 2020)
  • All notes will need to block tagged (Annual reports with financial years beginning on or after January 1, 2022)
  • All numbers within the notes can be tagged voluntary at any time

The entire Annual Report needs to be submitted in xHTML format. Within the report, XBRL tagging needs to be applied specific numbers and text, as per the directive of the ESEF mandate. Check the previous question on Scope of iXBRL tagging for more information on what data ESMA is expecting issuers to tag within the report.

iXBRL requires the tagging to be done on the face of the AFR itself. Ideally, therefore, the iXBRL output should look like the original AFR, in terms of layout, formatting and style. The only difference is that the iXBRL report will be in xHTML (and not Word or PDF or InDesign), and will have XBRL tags embedded in the xHTML document.

Since XBRL is not a human readable format, most XBRL solutions don’t have the ability to handle the layout, formatting and style of the original AFR.

ESEF iXBRL Compliance Reporting 

ESEF iXBRL Compliance Reporting 

ESEF Compliance Reporting

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