Client Testimonials

“We selected IRIS CARBON® for our ESEF iXBRL conversion, since IRIS is a global firm with deep experience in XBRL/iXBRL, great quality of filings, service delivery and importantly, offers their service and solution at a very attractive price.

We started our iXBRL process in August 2019, and IRIS converted our 2018-19 Annual Financial Report into iXBRL within just 10 working days. A 2-day workshop conducted by them for our team was extremely helpful, and it was very nice to have our own tagged annual report as training material. This exercise also helped us in finalizing the XBRL tags this year and we are fully ready for the upcoming 2020 ESEF mandate.

We are very happy with the turn time and quality of the iXBRL output created by IRIS CARBON®.”

Johan Segers

Consolidation Expert, Belgium

“Thanks to the whole team of IRIS CARBON! The platform is easy to handle and the workshop was very well organized. The commenting function and XBRL review features are very helpful. Very good/fast support for answering all queries through the platform itself. I would gladly recommend IRIS CARBON.”

Ina Klassen

Senior Manager PMO & Special Projects, FRIWO Germany

“I had a wonderful experience with the training provided by IRIS CARBON® for ESEF reporting. The materials they used and the trainer were excellent. A platform is an efficient tool, and it is also very useful that IRIS Carbon allows the final outputs to be generated in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. Both auditors and clients can review output files in a simple and intuitive manner.”

Vytautas Motužis

Consultant – Deloitte Lietuva, UAB Lithuania

Client Testimonials “What I liked the most about IRIS CARBON training is that it was completely tailored to our company’s needs. It was a very practical approach to train us using our own annual report. The trainer did a good job, and we now know how to work on the platform. The option to put two different screens with explanations next to each other is very handy. The IRIS product is well suited for ESEF compliance requirements.”

Sofie Robberechts

Finance & Reporting Director, Xior Student Housing NV Belgium

“IRIS CARBON® training was well-structured and was overall a positive experience. It helped deepen my understanding of the software, which I have previously used to convert financial statements into XBRL format for InfoCamere filings.”

Giacomo Genua

Consultant, Deloitte Business Solution S.R.L Italy

“We chose IRIS CARBON since we wanted an outsourcing option for publishing iXBRL in English, French, and Dutch.
The platform is very intuitive and there are reports to help our review and auditor review as well. The overall training was excellent too – the trainer’s technical knowledge was very impressive and we completed the BPost 2019 iXBRL review in 1 working day.
I would be happy to recommend IRIS CARBON for ESEF compliance”

Bpost lgoo

Guy Provoost

Manager, Accounting and Financial Control Belgium

“IRIS CARBON® stood out from the other iXBRL conversion software products I have seen. The platform is easy to follow and use. The review functions are simple, allowing quick and easy checking of iXBRL tagging, ESEF taxonomy and Company taxonomy as well. The fact that it was a two-part training session made it easier for my team to grasp the concepts. Overall a great training workshop! I would be happy to recommend IRIS CARBON.”

Riku Järvelä

Financial Controller, Basware Corporation Finland

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials