The CIPC Mandate

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), has mandated Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL) filings from 1st July 2018.

With this mandate, all qualifying entities that were earlier submitting their Annual Financial Statements (AFS) in PDF format, need to submit AFS in iXBRL format going forward.

The iXBRL reporting platform for CIPC is developed by IRIS Business Services, a leading global provider of compliance solutions, and Xpert Decision Systems (XDS), an EOH Company.

The CIPC has chosen IRIS iFile XBRL submission portal as well as IRIS Validator to ensure the highest standards of output files are submitted to the CIPC.

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Qualifying Criteria

Private Public
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Calculation of Public Interest Score

Reported Value Scale Calculated Points
Number of Employees
Third Party Liability of the Company
Number of Individuals with Beneficial Interest in Securities of Company or Members in Case of Non-Profit Company

Public Interest Score


Stay Tuned

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Eligibility Criteria

All public listed entities, state owned companies, private companies with a 350 Public Interest Score, and companies whose Memorandum of Incorporation prescribes filing of audited financial statements need to submit their Annual Financial Statements (AFS) in iXBRL.

CIPC requires entities to also use different taxonomies based on the type of entity. Use our user-friendly Eligibility Criteria Calculator to check whether you need to file with the CIPC and what taxonomies you need to use.