IRIS CARBON® v5.0.3: The latest updates

Our developers regularly update and add new features to ensure that IRIS CARBON®’s robust and intuitive platform lives up to its name. These updates have been included keeping in mind that users should be able to meet the CIPC’s iXBRL mandate without any filing errors or submission issues.

The platform strives to deliver absolute convenience for South African companies when they have to prepare their report in iXBRL. To make this happen, our team of experienced developers have added certain features and fixed existing bugs. With IIRIS CARBON®, you can expect the smoothest possible experience in an extremely value-for-money product. From technical upgrades to automated feature additions, IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3 is now equipped to ensure that CIPC filers will face absolutely no difficulties/inconveniences when it comes to the tagging and conversion of their iXBRL reports.

IRIS CARBON® v5.0.3: The latest updates

Latest updates of IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3: What to look forward to?


Support for CIPC 2019 Taxonomy

CIPC rolled out its second phase of iXBRL upgrades which included its latest taxonomy on 1st October 2019. Issuers need to use this version of the taxonomy in order to prepare their XBRL/ iXBRL files. IRIS CARBON® has integrated the CIPC 2019 taxonomy into its platform so that users will have access to the CIPC’s latest taxonomy for their XBRL tagging.


Enhanced Dashboard User Interface (UI)

The user interfaces for the creation of projects as well as the summary view feature have been redesigned to give you the best possible experience on IRIS CARBON® platform’s dashboard. Monitor and view what’s done and what’s left – including open comments, XBRL tags pending review and more through this enhanced dashboard.

When you make a switch to IRIS CARBON®, you get access to a disclosure management platform, our iXBRL modules, and our highest quality services. Based on your specific requirements, we can tailor a package so you pay only for what you want – and retain the option to switch your package at any time. IRIS CARBON® allows users to prepare and submit filings directly to the CIPC, including several XBRL, iXBRL and XML form types.

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IRIS CARBON® v5.0.3: The latest updates

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