IRIS CARBON® is just what you need from a FERC XBRL reporting platform!

  • FERC Form templates with XBRL tags embedded. You needn’t tag at all!
  • Effortless data transfer to our platform with a simple MS Excel sheet upload
  • A simplified workflow for preparing and reviewing files. No bottlenecks
  • A platform incredibly easy to adpot, making your XBRL transition a breeze
  • Submit XBRL filings directly to FERC

The FERC XBRL mandate

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced in June 2019 that it would require US energy companies — including electricity, natural gas, oil pipeline, and centralized service companies — to submit quarterly and annual reports in XBRL format instead of PDFs. Compliance with the FERC XBRL mandate will kick off from October 1, 2021. Energy companies have until December 31, 2021 to submit their Q3 2021 filings in XBRL.

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