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The ESG Revolution: ISSB and ESRS in Focus

Decoding ESG Reporting 2.0 and the pivotal role of ISSB and ESRS in steering 95% of organizations towards sustainable reporting.

About this Webinar

In the evolving world of corporate reporting, ESG is no longer just an option—it’s a cornerstone of strategic business decisions. Investors today are increasingly turning to ESG metrics to gauge company performance and potential risks. With a remarkable 95% of organizations now adopting ESG reporting, there’s never been a more crucial time to get started. We cordially invite you to attend our webinar titled The ESG Revolution: ISSB and ESRS in Focus. In our webinar, our expert dives into ISSB and ESRS updates, and our XBRL specialist showcases the IFRS-ISSB taxonomy reporting process.

Join us to kickstart your ESG digital reporting experience and align with the majority making impactful strides!

Why Attend this Webinar

  • Learn how 95% of firms are boosting investor trust through ESG disclosures.
  • Mitigate risks and uplift business value through ESG practices.
  • Grasp key insights on ISSB and ESRS and how to pivot towards these while reporting.
  • Witness how to transform conventional reporting into a digital format.

Who Should Attend this Webinar

  • CFOs (Chief Financial Officers)
  • CSOs (Chief Sustainability Officers)
  • Legal and Compliance Departments
  • Workplace Management Teams
  • Sustainability Departments
10th October 2023
Speaker: Shambo Mitra, Neha Gajbhiye

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About The Speakers


Shambo Mitra
Subject Matter Expert (ESG)

Experienced ESG expert with a strong track record advising clients globally across industries. Specializes in sustainability reporting, ESG strategies, and materiality assessments aligned with global standards.


Neha Gajbhiye
XBRL Expert – Customer Engagement Manager

As our distinguished IRIS CARBON® specialist, she leads the way in advancing XBRL reporting, navigating mandates across the US, UK, and EU. Neha’s dedication to European businesses streamlines XBRL integration, raising reporting standards to unmatched levels.

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