A step by step guide on the CIPC iXBRL mandate, and how to prepare for it!


At 3 pm SA time

The Free Webinar will help you understand

  • What Inline XBRL is
  • The CIPC 1st July 2018 Mandate
  • Things to do to gear up for the mandate

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What we initially anticipated as a daunting task , turned out to be completely painless

-Philip Matthee, Group Finance Executive, Spur Corporation
(On CIPC's iXBRL pilot filing using IRIS CARBON)

IRIS is a forerunner in XBRL reporting.

IRIS and XDS – EOH are responsible for helping CIPC implement the iXBRL mandate in South Africa.

Join our webinar to learn from the world’s leading experts on just what iXBRL is, and how to gear up for the CIPC mandate. Interact with specialists who know the CIPC mandate not just in theory, but with deep working knowledge of how to create iXBRL filings. After all, we haven’t just processed over 20000 filings globally. We’ve also helped the largest number of companies in South Africa manage their test iXBRL filings in a pilot run ahead of the mandate.

We know the mandate. We know the markets....

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