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Leverage IRIS CARBON® to streamline Annual Financial Report preparation process

Smooth Collaboration Across Teams

Our platform sets a new standard in collaboration, where your teams work smoothly on one single document with full visibility and control.

Smart Data Linking, for Numbers you can Trust

Link your spread sheet to your document, so any numbers you update automatically reflect in your document and in all your output formats – iXBRL, PDF and Word.

Everyone’s on the Latest Version of the Document

Our single source, cloud based platform ensures all users are always working on the latest version of a document at all times. All previous versions are stored in a central place, for easy retrieval. Compare, view and restore prior versions with ease. Enjoy the convenience of stress-free version management of your documents.

Smooth Collaboration Across Teams

ESEF iXBRL compliance reporting

Easy Review and Audit

Make your review and audit process a breeze. Effortlessly track, review and approve changes on your document and XBRL using smart filters, progress dashboards and comment threads.

Flexible Options

Take control of your document and XBRL to the extent you want. For the rest, our expert team is always available to help.

Free Consulting & Training

We help you decide the best strategy for your organization, based on your unique requirements. Our customized workshops help your teams gear up for the ESEF mandate.

ESEF iXBRL Simplified

Fully ESEF Ready Product

Support for iXBRL, 23 EU language labels ESEF taxonomy, extensions, anchoring and more

AI/ML Enabled Automated XBRL Tagging

Smart and automated tagging process with 100% accuracy and quality.

Intuitive Online Review

Effortlessly track and approve changes on the document and XBRL.

High Quality Output Files

Run validation checks online and make sure iXBRL files are error free. We support stylized documents as well.

Multi-lingual Platform Interface

Between English and 23 EU languages, choose your preferred language to use the platform

Unlimited Support

World class expert teams assist you with anything you need on your documents.

Explore our range of options specifically tailored to help you meet the ESMA Mandate

ESMA Mandate

IRIS CARBON® SSAE 18- Type 1 audited platform

ESEF filings - Security-Audit

The SSAE 18 security audit is based on standards defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and focuses on internal control over financial reporting. The product, managed services, and other supporting functions are covered under this audit reassuring clients of our adherence to the highest standards of data security.









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What Is XBRL And Why Is It Needed?
iXBRL: The New and Improved Version of XBRL
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ESEF iXBRL compliance reporting

ESEF iXBRL compliance reporting

ESEF iXBRL compliance reporting