Streamline Your AFR Preparation process withIRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management Software

A Robust platform with intuitive features and unlimited support to make your last mile report preparation easy.

Smooth Collaboration

Our platform sets a new standard in collaboration, where your teams work smoothly on one single document with full visibility and control.

Smart Data Linking

Save time in editing/reviewing by linking the spreadsheet you're working on with the XBRL document. That way, any changes you make in the spreadsheet automatically reflect in your document and subsequently, in all your output formats – iXBRL, PDF and Word.

Document Versions

Our single source, cloud based platform ensures all users are always working on the latest version of the document at all times. All previous versions are stored in a central repository, making it easy to view, compare and restore with ease.

Easy Review and Audit

Make your review and audit process a breeze. Effortlessly track, review and approve changes on your document and XBRL using smart filters, progress dashboards and comment threads.

Single Source, Multiple Outputs

Easily create outputs in multiple formats from a single source document.

Free Consulting & Training

We help you decide the best strategy for your organization, based on your unique requirements. Our customized workshops help your teams gear up for the ESEF mandate.

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Disclosure Management Software

Disclosure Management Software

Disclosure Management Software

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